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The assessment includes:

  • Understanding the 5 YOUnique factors and 14 sub factors that impact your career
  • Your results on each Younique factor and the implications
  • Overall score combining insights from the 5 Younique factors
  • Suggestions for focus areas

Why CareerGPS?

Map out your career speed, direction and trajectory with CareerGPS.

HR organizations and people leaders spend a lot of time in career discussions with employees and YET The lowest rated item in employee surveys is Career. The key reason for this is that a career has many factors – some professional and some personal.

It’s like going from destination A to destination B. People who have traveled the route, will give you their perspective of how much time it will take. Now if you add your “YOUnique” factors like the car you drive, the size of your family, the number of restroom breaks you take etc., the time estimate to reach destination B will change significantly.

Our vision is to create transparency and empower employees to take charge of their careers.

How Does It Work

CareerGPS tool is a self-help tool for employees to get a better understanding of factors that might help and hinder their career progress.

It assesses YOUnique factors like your flexibility, your aspiration, your personality, your networks, your purpose and your experiences. Based on our global self-assessment, it gives you a YOUnique perspective on your career.

There are 5 key “YOUnique” factors that CareerGPS considers:











Here’s a Quick Overview of Each Factor


YOUnique Flexibility Factors

In this section, we ask you questions related to your life and family flexibility. These questions determine your ability to leverage career opportunities that might require trade-offs from a family perspective.


YOUnique Personality Factors

In this section, we ask you questions related to who you are as a person and leader. These factors help to identify traits that can enable or potentially restrict you from achieving your career aspirations.


YOUnique Experience Factors

In this section, we ask you questions to determine the depth and breadth of experiences related to career success. People who report both depth and breadth of these experiences are more likely to have greater career growth options.


YOUnique Network Factors

In this section, we ask you questions related to the breadth of your network, the ability of your network to support you in career growth, and your network-building behaviors. Networks play a key role in identifying and recommending you for career opportunities.


YOUnique Purpose Factors

In this section, we ask you what gives you purpose and meaning in the work that you do. This helps to determine how well your career is integrated into what makes you happy.

CareerGPS takes all of these factors (including 14 sub-factors) and analyzes them to provide you with career advice that your HR partner or people manager cannot. You get a comprehensive report that outlines which of the 14 sub-factors are:

  • Accelerators for career growth
  • Neutral (no impact on career growth)
  • Brakes or watch-outs for career growth

Who Will Benefit

Employees who already have some work experience (e.g., 3-5 yrs) will benefit the most from CareerGPS. In fact, the tool is designed to be completed at different points throughout your career so that you can see how changes to your YOUnique factors change your career health. The following are examples of factors that can change throughout one’s life:

  • Your relationship status
  • Number of dependents
  • Family income
  • New role
  • Promotion
  • Change of boss
  • Job change, etc.

Each change has the potential to have a positive or negative impact on your career. And that’s why we encourage you to take the CareerGPS periodically to evaluate the impact and get a better understanding of the future. Your CareerGPS report will track how your scores have changed over time.

CareerGPS is industry agnostic. People working in consumer products, manufacturing, health care, pharma, retail, etc. will relate to the critical experiences highlighted in CareerGPS equally well. Note that we do not assessment industry-specific or functional skills/experiences. We believe that functional skills are foundational and do not guarantee career success unless you are in very specialized roles. Our research has found that career growth is facilitated most by a combination of leadership skills and critical experiences. This is why we focus on these in CareerGPS.

Career Factors and Implications

Know how different factors impact your career growth.

Select the area where you think you need the most improvement.

To grow in one’s career, consistency of performance are “proof points” that you can perform your role really well and therefore you are ready for the next role. If your performance is inconsistent, then there is high probability you will lose out on career opportunities. In the CareerGPS assessment, we do not evaluate your performance. You already have a good idea about your own performance.

As you become more senior, functional capability is a given and this does not come in the way of career growth. Your leadership skills and experiences become more important. It is important to continuously invest in keeping up to date with what’s happening in your functional area. In the CareerGPS assessment, we do not evaluate your functional capability.

People who typically score low on Experience Factors limit their learning and future career potential. Critical experiences or portfolio of experiences are important to develop new muscles, new learning's and therefore help you to get considered for more senior roles. In the detailed career assessment, we further provide you insights and suggestions on 3 sub factors of Diverse experiences.

Aspiration is an important fuel for career growth. In some situations, you could be seen as blocking others who need to sit in your role to progress beyond. Looking at other factors and co-relating it to ambition can help understand if there is a gap between what you can achieve (potential) and what you want to achieve (aspiration). In the detailed career assessment, we further provide you insights by comparing your overall career score to your aspiration.

Flexibility is a personal choice that each one of us makes as we go through various life and career stages. People who are low on Flexibility Factors limit their future career choices to optimize family needs. Flexibility can help you get new experiences, new learning's and new perspectives. In the detailed career assessment, we further provide you insights and suggestions on how flexibility can play a role in future career growth.

Your networks help you in various aspects of your personal and professional life. This is an area not very well understood by most people. If you feel networking is a development area, it means when it's time for a career transition, you may fall short in being able to use a network for finding new job opportunities, getting career advice, as well as coaching and mentoring. Networking is an investment and your networks represent you in meetings where you are not present. In the detailed career assessment, we further provide you insights and suggestions on 3 sub factors of networking.

If this a development area, you are likely to find work to be an energy drain, which may impact your happiness both at work and at home. You may be less likely to "go the extra mile“. Overall, you are likely to have low levels of work engagement and low commitment to your organization. In the detailed career assessment, we further provide you insights and suggestions on 3 sub factors of Purpose.

Personality Factors demonstrate low levels of the traits identified as critical for career success. These are traits such as ambition, self-confidence, openness to experience, and adaptability. This means that one or more aspects of your personality might make it more challenging to succeed in your career. In the detailed career assessment, we further provide you insights and suggestions on 4 sub factors of Personality.

Hopefully the quiz got you thinking a little bit, but there’s a lot more insights that you’ll get in the CareerGPS tool. CareerGPS is the most comprehensive career tool out there. Developed by HR experts with over 50 years of experience, CareerGPS is used by thousands of employees in leading companies around the world.