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CareerGPS is the most comprehensive career tool to help employees understand enablers and barriers to their career.

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How Gifting CareerGPS Can Help Your Team Members?


Your team member completes a self-assessment in 20 minutes and gets a comprehensive report to understand the 14 key ingredients for long-term career growth.


The personalized report contains insights to help your team member prioritize and focus on the most important aspects affecting their career growth.


The tool also comes with a free resource library with books, videos, articles to help increase understanding of developmental areas.


Your team members get an email every month with suggestions on books, articles, tools and even movies! Click here to view the sample.

How Gifting Works?

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CareerGPS is the most comprehensive career tool. It looks at 5 factors and 14 sub-factors to help employees grow in their career.

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Please note that once assessment gifts have been purchased, we will not be able to refund unutilized assessment gifts. Please assign all the assessment gifts at the time of purchase. In case of any unused assessments after purchase, kindly get in touch with us at younique@careergps.me, and we'll help you assign them to additional team members.


"Our team has recently deployed CareerGPS as an objective tool for making our leaders aware about their accelerators & derailers with respect to their individual career journeys. The simplicity of the tool and its ease of interpretation are quick wins & highlights for me. Moving forwards, we intend to build on the personality factors enumerated in CareerGPS so we can provide well-rounded individual development plans for our leaders realizing their career aspirations at Coca-Cola."

Gaurav Sharma Chief People Officer, Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages

“Drawing from my extensive HR journey spanning over thirty years with various global organisations and now serving as the co-founder at WeAce, I have recognized a pressing requirement for greater transparency in the domain of career progression. To tackle this challenge, we have partnered with CareerGPS, an exceptional tool that caters to the needs of both employees and organizations. This innovative assessment facilitates self-reflection, empowering individuals to identify specific areas that warrant concentrated effort for their long-term career growth.”

Anuranjita Kumar Co-founder, WeAce

“Not all our outplacement candidates know what to do after having their careers unexpectedly disrupted. 'What's next' isn't always obvious, especially when you're gifted an opportunity to change direction, do something different, become that entrepreneur you've always considered etc... Career GPS is now being used in such cases to help individuals gain clarity, and to narrow down options: and it works!”

Nic Beesley Managing Partner, LHH Gulf