Are your employees leaving because of lack of career growth?

Are your employees satisfied with their career growth?

Try CareerGPS - The most comprehensive career tool to uncover enablers and barriers to your employees’ career growth – and deeper company insights for talent retention and development.

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Why your organization should
consider CareerGPS

Employees feel that career growth decisions are not fair and transparent

Companies spend significant time and resources to help employees and people managers understand factors underlying career growth

Career growth is one of the key reasons for employee attrition

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What are the factors CareerGPS look at?

  • Flexibility

    What aspects of the employees’ current life stage might help or hinder their career flexibility?

  • Personality

    What aspects of their personality might impact their ability to advance in their career?

    Includes 4 sub factors.
  • Networks

    Does the employee have the right networks to facilitate career growth?

    Includes 3 sub factors.
  • Purpose

    Does the employees’ purpose align with their career and role?

    Includes 3 sub factors.
  • Experiences

    What experiences has the employee had that can facilitate career growth?

    Includes 3 sub factors.

How does CareerGPS help employees?


Employee completes a self-assessment in 25 minutes and gets a comprehensive report to understand the 14 key ingredients for long-term Career growth.


The personalized report contains insights to help the employee prioritize and focus on the most important aspects affecting their career growth.


The tool also comes with a free resource library with books, videos, articles to help increase understanding of developmental areas.

How does CareerGPS help your organization?


CareerGPS creates awareness and transparency for the employees.


CareerGPS talent reports indicate the strength and health of your talent bench.


CareerGPS provides insights into group-wide development actions.


"A must use tool – comprehensive, easy to understand and great insights!"

-CHRO of a Global Multinational Company

“Wow! This tool is amazing and very useful for coaching.”

- Executive Coach

“An eye opener – didn’t realize how these factors come together for careers… love the YOUnique aspect.”

–Senior Leader, Global Manufacturing organization