Job Switch Calculator

There are several reasons why people look for a change in job or company. This tool is not to evaluate the reasons why you are considering a job switch. This tool has been developed to help you decide if you should accept the new job offer.

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Factor Rank the importance of these factors to you 10 being the most important and 1 being the least important How would you compare the new opportunity to your current company/ role on each factor? (5=Way Better, 4=Better, 3=Equal, 2=Slightly Worse, 1=Worse) Total Score
Gaining a new learning experience 0
Work-life balance/flexibility 0
Company or role aligned with your purpose 0
Rich/Varied job content 0
Salary and benefits 0
Company focus on employee development 0
Company association enhances your personal brand 0
Opportunity to move up a layer 0
Having friends or networks in the organization 0
Engaging and open culture 0
Factor Score 0
Are you unhappy with current organization (add 5 points)
Total score 0
If your total score is -
200+ : It’s a good career move. You are ticking a lot of boxes as compared to your current role and company.
175 - 200 : Proceed with caution and do more homework about the new manager, team, culture etc.
Below 175 : It is a job move and not a career move. Stay with your current organization or move only if you have no option.

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